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A few haikus that have come around, with commentary

The Infamous Facebook Face Haiku

No, I was not stoned.
I was trying to look cool.
I failed utterly.

This was a comment I placed on a picture of myself posing by a waterfall. I had tried to put on an interesting face for the picture. In the end, however, I just looked goofy. My eyes were kind of half-closed and I just looked all-around weird. Kind of like the lolcat. Anyhow, I thought the weird face required commentary. Though I didn't plan on the haiku format....

The Follow-Up

Haiku all around
Unknown, they lurk in quiet
and STRIKE! unbidden.

This was a follow-up because, immediately after posting The Infamous Facebook Face Haiku, I realized that it was a haiku. And I just couldn't let that stand without commentary.

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