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conspiracy-theory: everything is a plot

conspiracy-theory is a program which has grown out of my general dislike of all existing scientific plotting and graphing utilities. At the moment, it is designed to take all data you can throw at it and put it into a sensible plot.

Current status

I have just recently begun work in earnest. I hope to have basic scatter-type plotting available in the next few weeks. We shall see what comes of these plans, as I have much to do.

Getting conspiracy-theory

Currently, conspiracy-theory is only available through my public bzr repository. Just run:

bzr branch http://digitasaru.net/bzr/conspiracy-theory/HEAD
to check it out. Currently, it does not use autotools or anything so schweet as that; just uses a Makefile.

System requirements

conspiracy-theory is written in C++ using Cairo for rendering (thus rendering to images, PDF, and PostScript readily), and compiled with the GNU C++ compiler. I will also test against the Intel C++ compiler at a point in the future, as it should work and be faster.

conspiracy-theory requires the GNOME -mm bindings:


conspiracy-theory is licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. I may upgrade the license to v3 when it's finalized; we will see.

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