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What is Pony

Pony is your very own little pony. If only those mean people would let you have one.

Pony consists of two parts: the Pony class and a PonyWidget. The PonyWidget gets a Pony when it's initialized. Or tries to anyhow. If it was able to get a Pony, the Pony is drawn. If it was unable to get the Pony, the Pony is drawn with a bright red X to signify the lack of Pony.

Pony also comes with a handy application (pony-test) to proudly inform you of you (lack of) Pony.

Current status

Fully operational. Now you too can add a widget that shows that you've been denied a Pony!


OMG! Pony action shots!

Future plans:

Getting Pony

Pony is available through my public bzr repository. Just run:

bzr branch http://digitasaru.net/bzr/Pony/Pony_STABLE

The development branch is also available

bzr branch http://digitasaru.net/bzr/Pony/Pony_HEAD

System requirements

Pony requires gcc, gtk+ 2.x, cairo, and mktemp.


Pony and PonyWidget are licensed under the Lesser GNU General Public License v3.

pony-test is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.


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