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My iTunes Bug Report

Name: [me]

Feedback Type: Bug Report

Email Address: [here]

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Subject: iTunes fails to run on Linux

Comments: I keep trying, but iTunes fails to run on Linux. This must a bug in the program, as I'm sure Linux and MacOS communities love and support each other. At least, that's what I (member of the Linux community) would like to do and have been trying to work towards. But whenever I ask for this persistant bug to be squashed (iTunes and QuickTime seem to share some of the same code, because I can reliably reproduce this bug there as well) over at my local Mac Users Group (where I go to help join my Mac bretheren to figure out how to cooperate and get Windows users to switch to one of our fine platforms), I am continually rebuffed. This may be related to a well-known Ubuntu bug (bug #1), but it's fuzzy at this time.