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Setting up Intel OpenCL SDK on Gentoo Linux

This page describes how to get the Intel OpenCL installed and working on Gentoo Linux.

First, do not install the Gentoo ebuild. It is out of date.

  1. Download the Intel OpenCL XE SDK
  2. Unpack the tarball
  3. Use rpm2tar to convert the .rpm files to .tar
  4. Extract all of the .tar files
  5. Copy the contents to the appropriate directory or use a package management system to install it, e.g. installit
  6. Add the linked file into /etc/env.d/99intel-opt-opencl (some modification may be necessary)
  7. If it doesn't already exist, create the directory /etc/OpenCL/vendors
  8. Create a symlink to /opt/intel/opencl-1.2- to /etc/OpenCL/vendors
  9. env-update
  10. . /etc/profile
  11. run ldconfig as root

Now opencl is set up. To use it, you'll need the following:

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