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About Joe

I don't have much time for writing much about myself, so this will have to suffice for now. If anyone asks, I can always write more.

I am a happily married physics graduate student who has two, often warring passions: physics, computers, and having fun. Three. Three often warring passions.

I'm currently in my last year of my PhD in physics at the University of Iowa. I hope to find a rocking place come August or September where my 3 passions can find like minds.

I use Gentoo and Debian Linux, and hope that someday we Linux users might be able to finally get some decent attention from the hardware and software vendors. If you're a hardware or software vendor, I will happily give you money (potentially more money than other OS users!) for your support! There is a huge, untapped market waiting! Fortunately, the market situation when buying computers is much improved over what it once was. Although you still have to work to not buy a computer with Windows on it, it's much less work than it once was. See my Linux page for more information on vendors who pre-install Linux (or simply just don't force you to buy Windows).

If you wish, my curriculum vitae is available here (and hopefully somewhat up to date). They're available in a variety of formats.

Finally, I'm to be found just about anywhere you look on the 'Net, generally under the name Trelane, TreMobyl, or Solarion. (Well, many places on the 'Net. The 'Net is a really, really, really big place!) I'm on a number of large social networking sites, although I'm not a terribly active participant there. (I dunno; I just can't get into virtually zombie-biting other peoples' virtual selves in a virtual space, let alone the fact that in doing so you open up your information to a rather shockingly wide assortment of people and organizations because zombie-biting requires installing somebody's application (not just stating that it occurred).) Heck, I thought the Large-Trout-Smacking fad of the late 1990s on IRC was boring, and that didn't even require installing anything beyond your run-of-the-mill IRC client (or just telnet'ing to port 6669 and knowing what to say...)!) I'm quite active on irc.gnome.org. and irc.freenode.net., however.

Finally, I still live in the obviously now quixotic and naïve early 1990's hope that popularity of the glaring white webpage background will fade away. (To see how pervasive the black-text-on-white-background mindset is, try setting your browser to override the background color to be grey or especially black and watch the webpages break!) Long live the boring grey or black background!

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